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How To Remove Venetian Blinds


Installing Venetian blinds throughout your home is a great way to add a touch of class and elegance. Not only do these designs look beautiful, but they are versatile and a breeze to operate too. However, you may find yourself needing to remove them at some point or another, whether it’s for cleaning, adjustments, remodelling or anything else. Check out this handy blog from Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters and you’ll soon know how to remove Venetian blinds like a pro.

The three step process

Removing Venetian blinds is easy, in fact, just about anyone can do it at home by themselves. We’ve broken the process down into 3 steps.

  1. Open and raise the blinds

The first thing you’ll need to do is open up the slats so that they sit horizontally. Then, pull your blinds all the way up, so they are positioned securely at the top of the window. Note: remember to remove anything that may get damaged or knocked over when you pull the blind away.

      2. Free one side of the blinds

Now you’ll need to find the brackets on each side of the blind panel. Selecting one bracket, tightly grip the bottom of the blind with one hand and push the blind against the bracket with the other. As you apply pressure to the bracket, twist downwards until the blinds become free.

       3. Repeat again on the other side

Complete this same process for the opposite side and then carefully remove the blind by pulling it away from the window.

We design Venetian blinds right here on the Gold Coast

Get in touch with our expert team if you’re looking to purchase custom-made Venetian blinds for your home. We have a range of options available including timber Venetian blinds, PVC Venetian blinds and blockout Venetian blinds. Contact Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters today for a free measure and quote.

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