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Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings are a unique way to create shade and extend your outdoor living area without the need for frames, beams or posts, leaving the area beneath the awning totally free from obstructions. 

Also known as Folding Arm Awnings, these shade systems are the perfect choice for your open plan outdoor living spaces in the Gold Coast. Simply extend the awning to provide an overhead shelter for your patio or deck, and create a space that can be used by the whole family to play, relax, entertain or dine in during the harsh Australian summer. These robust shade solutions will enhance sun protection without compromising its UV-resistant fabric to create the optimal outdoor living space.

Additionally, Folding Arm Awnings reduce up to 70% of the heat that would be absorbed from your walls. These energy-saving features help to eliminate the need to cool your home remotely in the summer months, and with its weather-resistant materials, ensure that it will contribute to your home for years to come.

Retractable Awnings

Custom made for you on the Gold Coast

At Gold Coast Blinds and Shutters, you can customise the ideal Awning to suit your exterior shading and installation requirements. We have a wide range of designer fabrics and finishes to complement your home’s aesthetic.

We can custom powdercoat the awning frame and components to popular Dulux and Colorbond colours which really helps to provide a ‘finished’ and cohesive solution to your patio cover. 

All our Folding Arm Awnings come with customisable options to fit your exact width and projection. They’re perfect for covering large spaces and can shade up to a massive 30 sqms. Additionally all the components and fabric are cut to size and assembled right here in Australia, this means we can guarantee a high quality product!

Quality Components

Folding Arm Awning Schematic

Our Monobloc 1540 is both designed and the components sourced from Europe – the home of the folding awning.  The Monobloc 1540 is built from heavy duty componentry making it a perfect performer for both residential or commercial applications, and in all weather conditions. 

folding arm awning angle

The Monobloc 1540 also features a handy adjustable angle which allows you to adjust the “pitch” of the awning to best suit the sun’s angle in the summer and winter seasons! 

Retractable Window Awnings for Gold Coast Homes, Made With Designer Fabrics

Dikson Fabrics

At Gold Coast Blinds and Shutters, we use only the best fabric suited to Australia’s harsh conditions when it comes to our outdoor blinds and awnings. On top of that, we are the Gold Coast awning supplier that understands the importance of our blinds and awnings’ designs for your home exterior and interior style. We offer a range of outdoor blinds and motorised awnings solutions in various models, including ziptrak blinds, outdoor roller blinds, outdoor shutters and plantation shutters

The Dickson® collection of chic, designer awning  UV-resistant fabrics set the bar for the latest solar protection trends.

Their team of designers create charming and authentic fabrics. In addition to the unrivaled sun protection properties, your awning will also be a unique design statement that will further enhance your home’s exterior outdoor living area.

The solution-dyed acrylic yarn used to produce our fabrics offers long-lasting resistance to environmental damage, including rain and UV rays. Even when exposed to strong sunlight, our weather-resistant materials ensure colors remain sharp for a very long time.

Your Dickson® awning fabric will look good year after year.Dickson® fabrics reduce glare and heat by up to 95% by limiting the greenhouse effect, keep your interiors feeling fresh and, depending on the color, block from 90% to 100% of UV rays. 

Enjoy optimal weather and sun protection and make the most of your outdoor living space with our modern and luxury retractable awnings Gold Coast.

Different Types of Retractable Awnings

Our retractable awnings on the Gold Coast can be easily operated with your choice of either a motor or a manual hand crank.

Sun and Wind Sensor


Motor and Remote is by far the most popular way to operate our Retractable Awnings. We offer a very well priced range of motors, which means that the cost of adding a motor is not significant when compared to the cost of the actual awning. 

All our motorised retractable awnings are supplied with a complimentary sun and wind sensor. The sensor will retract your awning in high winds. This helps to protect the awning and your home against damage. Perfect for peace of mind, especially if the weather changes when you’ve ducked down to the shops!

Manual Crank Operation

Our manual retractable awnings are extended using a strong gearbox and a removable crank handle. 

The handle is available in short, medium or long depending on how high the awning is installed on the wall.

Awning Hand Crank

Why choose Gold Coast Blinds and Shutters for retractable awnings?

When you want to find reliable Gold Coast awning companies, turn to Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters. With five decades of combined experience, each member of our team is qualified and equipped to help you choose the right retractable motorised awnings for your home. 

More than that, we offer a 5 year extended warranty on our retractable awnings and parts. That’s because we’re confident of our production processes and our strong relationship with our suppliers, who never let us down.

Don’t put it off any longer: book a free measure and quote today for our folding arm awnings. As with all our products, we strongly recommend a professional installation, which can also be arranged with a member of our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of your retractable patio awnings will depend on the width and size of your space, as well as the fabric you choose. The price will also vary based on whether you choose mechanical or motorised retractable awnings. If you would like a comprehensive estimate, get in touch with our expert team to book in your free measure and quote.

While a retractable awning comes with customisable options to fit the exact size that you require for your patio or decking, on average they can extend from two metres to a maximum of four metres. This should provide ample shade for you and your family when you are outdoors relaxing or entertaining.

Regular maintenance is essential if you wish your retractable awnings to last a long time. However, cleaning your shades does not require a lot of effort or time. Simply sweep away dirt and dust with a cleaning brush. Then, hose your awning down with water at a gentle pressure. If there are any stains, they can be treated with a non-bleach cleaning solution. Rinse away the cleaning solution until there is no residue left, and dry the folding arm awning in the sun before retracting again.

Our retractable awnings are designed to withstand all weather conditions, which is common in the Gold Coast. Whether they are manually operated or motorised, our folding arm awnings can withstand wind speeds of up to 80 km/h. However, we recommend that after a storm, you should perform an inspection of your fabric and other parts of your awning.

At Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters, all of our retractable awnings are custom made to fit your space. Our retractable awnings can shade up to 30sqm – perfect for large outdoor entertaining spaces! We take into consideration the exact width and projection of your outdoor area and can custom design awnings with an adjustable angle for maximum protection, no matter the weather.

In Australia, ‘Development Approval’ is required for retractable awnings, sails and shades. This encapsulates Development Plan Consent and Building Rules Consent. In some instances, only Building Consent is required. Contact your local council for more information, or get in touch with the friendly team at Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters who can walk you through the process.

Retractable awnings add practical and decorative benefits to your property with a flexible structure that allows you to use your awning when you need it and withdraw it back into its housing after use. You can optimise a retractable awning for uncovered balconies, pool areas and other outdoor spaces around your private or commercial property. 

Retractable awnings rely on the same mechanics as regular awnings. The only difference between both models is the mechanism used to raise and lower the curtains. With manual and remote operated options, you can pull the shade cloth of your retractable awning into a retractable housing when it’s not in use. 

Important features you need to consider when choosing a retractable awning are fabric material and frame structure that offer long-lasting use. Ideally, the fabric material should be durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Likewise, you need strong and sturdy aluminium extrusions to support the awning all year long. 

The ultimate shading and decorative solution, retractable awnings are suitable for personal or commercial use. Install your awning on your patio or deck to stay cool during summer and protected against the cold wind in winter. They also offer energy saving features for your home as well as ample shade solutions to enjoy your outdoor living area all year round.

Our retractable awnings are designed to hold out against extreme weather, so rest assured that you can use your retractable awning all year round. Just make sure that you maintain your awning on a regular basis to sustain its longevity. We also recommend retracting your patio cover during windy periods.

You can place retractable awnings wherever you like and retract them when they are not in use to create an immaculate look. On the other hand, drop awnings are a more traditional style of roll up shade that is fixed to a wall and lowered to cover the opening of your door, window or any exterior part of your home.