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Blockout Roller Blinds Gold Coast

When you’re not at the beach, sometimes the hot Gold Coast sun can be just a little too much. Not to worry: at Gold Coast Blinds and Shutters we’ve got lots of options to help reduce unwanted light and heat from your home.

Our range of custom made blockout roller blind fabrics are designed to stop the sun from disturbing your sleep and damaging your furniture.

Blockout roller blinds (also known as blackout blinds) are perfect for sleeping in, watching Netflix and even helping your baby settle in for a daytime nap.

Being the most popular type of roller blind on the market, we offer the widest range of colours and textures in blockout blinds. We have seven different blockout blind fabric collections to choose from. They range from minimal smooth finishes to textured woven designs. We think it’s best to narrow down your selection by deciding if you’d prefer textured or smooth design, then move onto selecting the right colour.

Tips for choosing your blockout roller blinds

A couple of quick tips for narrowing down the colour is to match your blockout roller blinds with your architrave and skirting board colour. We find it generally looks better than trying to exactly match your wall colour. Also, if you decided to ever repaint, your blinds will still be well suited to your room. Another way to confidently choose your blind colour is to pick a similar colour to your walls, but go a few shades lighter. This will help make the room feel larger and also reduce the pressure of finding that ‘perfect match’ to your walls. Our final tip would be to colour coordinate with either your flooring colour or key pieces of furniture. This will help provide a cohesive aesthetic style.

blockout roller blinds gold coast

Essentials Blockout Blinds Fabric

Essentials is our most popular and bestselling fabric range. It offers a brilliant range of colours which are regularly updated to follow design and paint colour trends. A durable and easy to clean acrylic coating makes it ideal for rental properties and family homes. Essentials has a smooth and uniform finish, with the same colour on both sides of the fabric. This range is also available for vertical blinds, which allows you to colour coordinate if you’d like both roller and vertical blinds in the same room.
Essentials Roller Blind Fabric

Karma Blockout Blinds Fabric

Karma Blockout Roller Blind Fabrics
The Karma blockout fabric is newly released fabric, which has a fine horizontal texture and a lively shine. The fabric is a blockout only range, however is also available for vertical blinds, allowing the blockout roller blinds and verticals in the same room. The block out coating is colour coordinated to the front of the fabric.

Le Reve Blockout Blinds Fabric

Le Reve (“the dream”) is really a crowd favourite with its subtle woven pattern. The horizontal texture is created by using a combination of both fine and thick solution dyed polyester yarns.

The blackout coating on the back of the fabric, although plain, has been dyed to closely colour match the front of the fabric. Typically, this blockout coating is white in colour. 

Le Reve also has a range of matching Light Filter fabrics which is great for providing continuity between your bedrooms and living rooms. 

La Reve Roller Blind Fabric

Palm Beach Blockout Blinds Fabric

Palm Beach roller blind fabric

The palm beach range of fabric has timeless minimal design. The tightly woven fabric has a smooth uniform finish which makes it a staple in any blind design.

Recently updated colours allow you to choose from crisp white down to modern greys and charcoals.

Some of the Palm Beach blockout colours are also available in light filtering equivalents. The blockout coating on the back of the fabric is white.

Mantra Blockout Blinds Fabric

Mantra features a striking textured weave and is available in a wide range of contemporary colours. This Jacquard weave is manufactured with a special loom to create a complex “woven-in” design.

The heavily textured look and feel makes Mantra an affordable designer fabric. Mantra is also available in matching Light Filter colours, meaning you can coordinate your blinds between bedroom and living spaces.

The blockout coating on the back of the fabric is white in colour.

Mantra Roller Blind Fabric

Skye Blockout Blinds Fabric

Skye Roller Blind Fabric

Skye is a designer fabric with a subtle texture combined with cationic yarn to help complete a sophisticated look.

The soft hues of the newly released colour collection will make it easy to pick the right colour for your project.

Skye has a white blockout coating on the back and is available in blockout only.

Linesque Blockout Blinds Fabric

Linesque delivers a gorgeous linen-look appearance. Linesque will complement your home’s interior with its soft, subtle textural finish in a wide range of colours.

Linesque Roller Blind Fabric

Frequently Asked Questions

How do blockout blinds work?

Blockout blinds use fabric that completely blocks out the amount of sunlight entering your room. It is for this reason that they are perfectly suited to bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms that require privacy and/or complete darkness.

What are the main benefits of blackout roller blinds in Australia?

Blackout roller blinds offer protection from the sun and heat, noise control, and greater privacy. Additionally, these roller blinds have an insulating nature, meaning that they may help reduce household utility bills relating to electricity, and heating and cooling.

Do you install blackout roller blinds?

Yes, in addition to measuring your blinds, we also install them at your Gold Coast Home. This is all included in our pricing.

Need some professional advice or guidance on what is the best choice when it comes to indoor blinds for your Australian home? One of our team members can recommend the right solution for you. Book a quote and secure a time slot to get your free consultation for total blackout roller blinds, sunscreen roller blinds or double roller blinds today.