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Safermate Security Screens Gold Coast

Don’t compromise on safety: secure your home today with security screen doors and window screens from Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters. Explore our range today and enjoy premium quality at competitive prices.

Why Safermate Security Screens?

Our SaferMate security screens offer an effective and aesthetic security solution to Gold Coast homes. The tempered marine grade perforated aluminium sheet makes this product not only strong, stylish and cost effective but also corrosion resistant and low maintenance. 

SaferMate is all custom made and can be measured and fitted to new homes or retrofitted if you are renovating your current Gold Coast home. Did you know we also offer sliding security screen doors? Nothing is too difficult for our team. 

Home security doors and windows – but modern, sleek and classy.

Window Security Screens

Window security screens are an important addition to keeping your home safe. Safermate is a modern and sleek window security option

Sliding Security Screen Doors

Sliding security doors mean you can have your glass sliders opened without the bugs and with peace of mind while enjoying the breeze.

Security Screen

Security screen doors are sturdy and secure while looking modern and stylish, without hindering your views.

Security without sacrifice

With Safermate you can have the best of both worlds. Safermate can offer a 100+ degree viewing angle to ensure you do not have to compromise your clear views for safety. Our Safermate screens also give you impeccable protection against break-ins but also against pests and insects so you can enjoy more of your home without having to worry. 

As well as strength, and stability you can also have peace of mind knowing your Safermate doors are fire rated.

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Safermate standard colours

Choose one of our five standard colours for your security hardware. Usually we try to match your security hardware to the colour match existing accents of your home or to contrast. Depends on the look you are going for. Our Safermate perforated aluminium screens will always be black.  

We can also custom powder coat to your requirement, you can take a look at some of  the colours by clicking here.

Safermate Key Features

Marine Grade

Our Safermate security products are alloyed, which means that they have a higher level of protection against corrosion. They can tolerate even salt water. The longevity of our product means you do not have to worry about it corroding and replacing it after a short period of time like other products. 

Triple Lock

Why is a triple lock so special?

Compared to a single lock, the triple lock locks at 3 points on the door jam. It also cannot be levered at the top or bottom.

A single lock has one locking point at the centre at 1 side of the door. A triple lock on the other hand has an internal rod that is connected to 3 locking points. Top, middle and bottom.

The only way to activate all 3 points on the lock is by turning the snib or using a key. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Safermate screens are Australian made and custom built, manufactured from a single sheet of perforated marine grade aluminium. 

The framework is designed using high quality 6063 T6 aluminium which is punched from a single sheet of 2mm thick 5052 or 5251 marine grade aluminium, meaning zero chance of oxidation.

Security Tested and Knife Shear Test compliant under Australian Standard AS5039-2008 and AS5041-2003, our Safermate screens have been rigorously tested to withstand maximum impact providing you with the added security you need.

They are also Bushfire Zone BAL-29 Rated and UV resistant, making them extremely energy efficient while helping you maintain thermal comfort.

Prices can vary depending on the type of security screen, the size of the installation, and the frame material. However, the average price range for door security screens in the Gold Coast area is between $300 and $1,000 per square metre. Windows security screens cost around $100-$500 depending on the dimensions of the window.

Protecting your home is crucial, and investing in high-quality security door screens and window screens is an excellent way to enhance your safety. These reinforced barriers not only deter burglars, but they also provide added insulation and reduce noise pollution.

SaferMate security screens are made of high-tensile marine-grade stainless steel mesh that is almost impossible to cut, puncture, or penetrate. They are installed over existing windows and doors, providing an extra layer of protection against intruders while allowing fresh air and natural light to enter your home or office.

Yes, SaferMate security screens can be customised to fit any size or shape of windows and doors, including sliding doors, French doors, and bi-fold doors.

Yes, SaferMate security screens are compatible with a wide range of window and door frames, including aluminum, timber, and PVC frames.