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DIY Polymate Shutters

PVC Shutter Panel


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From the moment you order, you'll be kept in the loop with where you order is up to throughout production with automatic updates, kind of like you'd be used to with the pizza trackers.

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You can buy with peace of mind knowing your shutters are covered by a 15 year warranty.

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*outside metro areas will incur a small cost*

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While you're saving us time, travel, labour and installation costs by selecting our DIY shutters. We've decided to pass all the savings onto you by giving you lower priced shutters.

Super Fast Shutters

Our mission is to keep your waiting time to a minimum. You can expect your shutters within 5-7days.

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By choosing to DIY and us not having to include installation, travel and labour costs we can insure we are giving you the lowest prices.

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Damp Areas

Moisture and Humidity Resistant

Our PVC shutters are resistant to humidity and moisture making them a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens and any other area that may experience these conditions.


One of the major benefits of PVC shutters in wet areas is you will not get swelling unlike your traditional timbers. PVC remains un-phased by moisture and humidity.

Moisture resistance
PVC Shutter blade aluminium core

Aluminium Core


PVC is much heavier than timber, therefore for large shutter panels the aluminium core helps prevent the shutter from sagging.

Aluminium Core Frames

In addition to the shutter blades, the stiles also feature an aluminium core. This helps to reduce weight and increase overall strength of the panel.

clear view shutters



We don't use the traditional tilt rod to tilt the blades, we use new clear view technology with a hidden tilt rod.

180° Unobstructed View

Get the best out of your views with nothing getting in the way.

PolyMate Is The Perfect Choice

Plantation shutters have become popular for homeowners in Australia thanks to their perfect balance of cost-effectiveness, exceptional quality, and refined style. These window treatments not only elevate the visual appeal of your home but also provide a wide range of advantages. By choosing DIY plantation shutters from Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters, you can enjoy the charm of plantation shutters with the satisfaction of a customised solution tailored exactly to your needs.

Our Polymate PVC shutters are the ultimate solution for a cost effective yet luxurious option for installing shutters in your Gold Coast home. We have taken the guesswork out of DIY shutters and provided you all the tips and tricks to ensure your measuring, ordering and installing goes perfectly. Whether you are just wanting to give parts of your home a refresh, renovating or building and wanting to save a bit of money; Polymate PVC shutters are the perfect DIY project. Made here on the Gold Coast by a fully Australian-owned small business that you can trust, we never compromise on quality or luxury and ensure that you have access to the cheapest prices.

DIY Plantation Shutters Made on the Gold Coast

Plantation shutters provide excellent light control, privacy, and insulation, making them a versatile choice for various interior settings. They are also easy to maintain and contribute to energy efficiency in your home. One of the key advantages of DIY plantation shutters is their sleek, modern design, which allows you to enjoy both privacy and natural light without compromise, thanks to split tilting options. This feature lets you close some of your shutter blades while others remain open, giving you control over the mood in any room.

With 180° tilting blades, you can open your shutter blades to fill your home with natural daylight or filter the light by tilting them to a downward angle for an ambient glow. However you like it, you can adjust your shutter blades to fill your mood lighting desires. The list goes on, making DIY plantation shutters an excellent choice for homeowners.

If you’d like to know more feel free to contact us via the instant chat option below. We have a wide range of custom-made shutters available on the Gold Coast including PVC shutters, timber shutters and outdoor shutters.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can install DIY shutters yourself to save money. Such products are designed for easy application so homeowners can do things without professional help. Simply measure your space and order your DIY shutters as appropriate and then follow the steps provided.

The time that it takes to install a shutter will vary based on the size of the area that it covers. As a rough guide, our expert team can fit your windows with a custom design within 1-3 hours. We maintain a keen eye for detail and always provide exceptional results. Enjoy a 5-year extended warranty on all products when you choose to work with Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters.

Both shutters and curtains provide a range of benefits that make them an attractive option. Shutters look beautiful and are very practical, as they can be easily adjusted to allow more or less light in throughout the day. Curtains provide a sense of elegance and can soften any space, while reducing light and blocking glare. When it comes to choosing between the two? There’s no going wrong.

DIY plantation shutters are a popular window treatment option known for their ability to keep out heat effectively. They are designed with slats or louvres, which can be angled to control the amount of sunlight entering your room. Doing so reduces heat gain and creates a comfortable living environment, especially during summer. This means they can also help you save on energy costs by reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer.

lthough DIY plantation shutters may not provide complete blackout, they are an excellent choice for those seeking privacy and light control. By adjusting the angle of the louvres, you can effectively regulate the amount of natural light entering your space. While they may not block out light as effectively as blackout curtains or blinds, they still offer a good level of privacy and can create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. 

The longevity of DIY plantation shutters depends on various factors, such as the quality of materials used, craftsmanship, and how well they are maintained. High-quality plantation shutters are often made from durable materials like hardwood, PVC or aluminium, which can withstand the test of time. Regular cleaning and maintenance can ensure your DIY plantation shutters remain in good working condition for years to come.

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