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Affordable Blockout Curtains

Style And Functionality For Your Gold Coast Home

Our high quality and affordable block out curtains are perfect for creating a greater sense of privacy and to block out light during the day. There are 2 types of block out material available. Full block which has a full synthetic coating on the back. Curtains like these are usually selected for street facing windows and bedrooms.
Triple-weave or Dimout curtains are also known for their privacy and light block properties. These are a more cost effective and economically sustainable option as they do not use a synthetic plastic. Instead use a triple weave to create a thicker curtain, therefore less light can penetrate


Dimout curtains, commonly referred to as triple weave, have three layers of fabric which are tightly woven. The middle layer of fabric is black. Dimout curtains will give any room a beautiful dark ambience when installed. One of the major benefits of triple weave fabric is that it has similar light blocking performance when compared to traditional blockout fabrics, however it is generally at a lower cost and more flexible. Dimout is a great option for those who would like the fabric colour to be seen on both sides.

Full Block

Full block curtains have a white lining on the back, which ensures complete darkness, as no light is able to penetrate through the fabric. In recent years this lining has been upgraded and a high quality silicon compound is used and sprayed onto the back of the fabric which sets as the 'white lining' we see. The high quality silicon that is used now is resilient to perishing in the sun.

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Style Your Blockout Curtains

Ideal for bedrooms, living areas and cinemas blockout curtains provide a functional way to block harsh lighting and ensure privacy. From early morning sunrises to bright car headlights, our affordable blockout curtains are a stylish solution to ultimate privacy.

Add Some Personality To Your Home With Curtains

Curtains are a great way to add a little bit of personality into your home. They can create drama in your living spaces or you can use them to enhance the sense of calmness throughout the home. Curtains are quickly becoming a popular window treatment for wide space windows, from coastal homes to city dwellings. Embrace the beauty of a natural bright ambience and luxurious open plan living with affordable blockout curtains. No matter your style, blockout curtains are incredibly versatile and are the perfect fit in just about any situation.

Pair With Sheer Curtains

While blockout curtains are the perfect solution for privacy in any room, sheer curtains can help add an extra layer to your home. Blockout curtains are often heavy and dark, but by slipping a sheer curtain in front you can completely change the aesthetic. The sheer curtains provide daytime privacy and filtered light to visually soften the room throughout the day, while blockout curtains provide functionality. Choose from our range of sheer or double curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between blockout/blackout and Dim Out curtains?

The thickness of blackout curtains prevents light from entering a room entirely. It blocks penetration through the use of thick material or fabric with a thick lining. On the other hand, the fabric used for dim out curtains varies, and in some cases they only diffuse the light without blocking it. Dim out curtains can be made from sheer fabric, or fabric that blocks out 95% of the light, without completely being blackout.

Can you see through blackout curtains at night?

Since blackout curtains are so thick, you cannot see through them at night. If you live in an area with lots of light or want to snooze in the mornings, blackout curtains completely block light from entering your room. The reverse is also true: outsiders won’t be able to see through blackout curtains at night, even if your lights are turned on.

What materials work best as blockout curtains?

Blockout curtains are normally made from thick materials such as polyester, or a mix of polyester and cotton. Another great material that works best for blockout curtains is triple-woven heavy microfibre, as this can block up to 90% of light.