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Sheer Curtains in the Gold Coast

Make a Statement with Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are a beautiful way to add an element of luxury to any room in your home. Our most popular set is the sheer S fold curtains, which create a wavy drape as they sweep the floor.

We recommend installing the curtains as high as possible, from ceiling to floor. This look helps give your home a more spacious feel. The track is usually mounted just under your cornice or to the ceiling.

All of our sheer curtains are weighed in the bottom to ensure your curtain flows seamlessly.

Browse our stunning collection of stylish sheer curtains for Gold Coast homes

Our stunning collection of sheer fabrics that have been chosen by some very talented home stylists and interior designers. Our  range of sheer curtains are inspired by common trends, seasonal styles and the most luxurious materials, along with some more budget friendly selections. Our sheer curtains also pair perfectly with our range of blockout curtains. Enjoy filtered sunlight by day and privacy by night.

Sheer curtains available in a range of colours

Browse our extensive range of sheer curtains available in a range of colours and styles. Our colour range is continually updated to reflect the most recent colour trends in a range of designs. From white and silver to red and navy, we boast a range of colour choices for any design. A collection of stylish patterns and textures are also available.

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Sheer Curtains - The Latest Trend in Gold Coast Window Treatments

Sheer curtains are now featured in Vogue and a range of high-end designs. This style is being used to soften rooms with popular modern and minimal designed interiors. Layering sheer curtains is becoming a popular design trend and can be done over roller blinds or plantation shutters to better filter light into a room.


Sheer Curtains

Something for everyone

Choose Your Sheer Curtain Heading


Also commonly known as the ‘wave fold’, ‘ripple fold’ or ‘S wave’ curtain, this style is one of our most popular. Its luxurious and modern look gives the curtain a beautiful wavy drape.


We offer a range of sheer pleated curtains. Two of the most common being the pinch pleat and the double pencil pleat. If you prefer a particular pleat for your curtain, just ask us! We will be happy to customise your sheer curtains to suit the unique style of your home.


The gathered curtains come in a 30mm gathering tape and a 50mm gathering tape. This type of heading is more commonly used for blockout curtains, but is still available for sheers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do sheer curtains provide privacy?

If you’re looking for a curtain that adds a layer of privacy, diffuses natural light into your home and looks stylish, sheer curtains are an ideal choice. While the privacy is minimal at night, during the day sheer curtains allow people inside the home to see outside, while people outside will be unable to see in.

Do sheer curtains stop glare?

While sheer curtains don’t stop glare entirely, they can significantly reduce it. Sheer curtains add softness into your space by diffusing natural light, and they also provide a level of privacy. With sheer curtains, you can still enjoy beautiful outdoor views with minimal glare