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Outdoor Blinds Gold Coast

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Transform Your Outdoors

Transform your deck or patio into an outdoor living room.

Our outdoor blinds are perfect for enclosing pergolas, verandas, outdoor living areas and restaurants for both privacy and sun protection. Outdoor blinds are designed to maximise the use of your outdoor areas all year around. Perfect for those looking to make the most of the sunny Gold Coast weather!

Your outdoor blinds are custom made to suit your specific requirements and are available with a large choice of accessories!

Our widescreen cable guide blinds are a popular option when it comes to outdoor shading solutions. These outdoor roller blinds can span a massive 6.5m in width and 4 m in height.

Give us a call today to see how we can help transform your outdoor area with elegant outdoor blind systems.

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Retractable Awnings on the Gold Coast

Perfect for extending and protecting your outdoor living space.

Our folding arm awnings, commonly referred to on the Gold Coast as retractable awnings, are a perfect shading solution for large areas such as courtyards, patios, verandas and decking areas. These innovative shading solutions are a great choice for even those settings where normal outdoor blinds won’t be an option.

At Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters, we use only the very best acrylic fabric. Our fabric of choice is milled and dyed in Spain allowing us to offer a 7-year warranty on fabric and a 5-year warranty on frames and components. Our fantastic value smart home motorisation accessories can also link up with Google Home or Alexa to provide the ultimate in both control and luxury.

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Ziptrak® Blinds

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Patented Outdoor Blind System

A Patented blind system designed in Australia, which secures the fabric into side tracks.

Ziptrak® outdoor roller blinds are simply the best guided blinds for outdoor living areas and are perfect for restaurants and cafes! These outdoor blinds are so simple to operate and totally enclose your outdoor living space using patented technology.

Ziptrak® blinds can instantly create a brand-new outdoor room or instantly protect your entertaining spaces from harsh sun and the elements. 

The latest generation Ziptrak® blinds have been refined over many years to reach the perfect outdoor shade design. 

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Canvas Awnings

Ideal sun protection for covering windows.

Our canvas awnings are a basic and traditional shading system for homeowners on a budget. They are a very popular design and a great solution to shade and protect your windows. The perfect way to keep your home cool in summer.

These awnings are perfect for ground floor windows and patios, they are projected off your windows to keep the heat away from the glass. This allows you to keep the windows open to ventilate your house whilst still maintaining privacy.

The canvas awning includes a Colorbond flashing hood as part of the construction, for protection against the elements. It features zinc coated rods that are affixed to your structure to guide the blind, while the self-locking arms allow simple adjustment to any point on these guide rods by hand or a pull stick.

The awning hood and bottom rail is available in a range of colour blond colour to match your gutter or fence colour

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Canvas Awning

Custom made outdoor blinds and awnings on the Gold Coast 

With 30 years of experience under our belt, Gold Coast Blinds and Shutters is your trusted retailer for high quality shutters, blinds and awnings on the Gold Coast. Combined with our customisation options, you can create personalised window coverings that complement your available space and property’s aesthetic. 

You can trust us to complete your project with excellent results. Our experienced team will guide you from the initial design stage all the way to the installation process. The high quality components, materials and craftsmanship at Gold Coast Blinds and Shutters mean that we can guarantee a reliable and excellent product for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best outdoor blinds?

The best outdoor blinds for your home are going to be particular to your home and your tastes. But we strive to match what your after with the best quality designs and materials with an affordable price point. External blinds need to be hardy to stand up to the Australian sun, get the best here with us at Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters.

Are outdoor blinds waterproof?

Outdoor blinds will not be damaged by a reasonable amount of exposure to the elements, but they are not intended to shield you from rain and the elements indefinitely. The materials that we use are responsible for the longevity you can expect with Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters products.

How long do PVC blinds last?

PVC outdoor blinds are remarkably long lasting. They are waterproof, in that exposure to rain and weather will not damage them. And they are very effective as a shading solution around your home. Get in touch with the team at Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters to find out more.

Get a quote today by calling (07) 5574 4788, or contact us for more information on our Retractable Awnings, Ziptrak® Blinds, Canvas Awnings and Outdoor Blinds products and installation services. Get in touch with Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters today!