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Curtains Gold Coast

Traditionally kept for bedrooms and formal living areas; Sheer and motorized curtains are becoming a growing trend in open plan living areas. Ultimately, being used more in minimalistic style homes to soften the look of the edgy features.

While becoming increasingly more popular, people are in awe of their beauty since being styled in homes on shows like The Block and House rules. Curtains will give your home a sense of personality, calmness as well as modern elegance.

Being the most customizable, curtains are becoming popular choice in home décor, decorating and particularly renovating to create a fresh modern feel.

Our fabric range is endless incorporating a huge selection of seasoned colours; Our dream collection will be sure to turn heads and make a real statement.

The collection has been hand-picked by some of the best designers in the business, therefore have been carefully selected based on popular paint colours coupled with interior design trends, from the brightest snow whites to charcoals and blacks. We have all the silvers and greys you could desire plus all beautiful neutrals, naturals and beiges to match Queensland’s coastal and earthy vibe. Uniquely, within the range you will find some lightly hued red, blue, green together with lavender colors. There are patterns, sheers, block outs, geometrics and textures to suit all your style desires.

Sheer Wave Curtain
curtains gold coast

Choose Your Style Of Curtains

Block Out Curtains

There are 2 types of block out material available. Full block which has a full synthetic coating on the back. This is ideal for ultimate privacy and light block. Usually selected for street facing windows and bedrooms.
Triple-weave or Dimout curtains are also known for their privacy and light block properties. These are a more cost effective and economically sustainable option as they do not use a synthetic plastic. Instead use a triple weave to create a thicker curtain, therefore less light can penetrate.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are the ultimate interior statement piece for your home, creating a sense of timeless elegance. More recently they have started to climb the ranks in popularity. Sheer curtains are weighted in the bottom to create a soft flowing drape from ceiling to floor. Sheer fabrics are available in many different fibers as well as fiber blends also different textures, geometrics and patterns. There is something to suit everyone’s style, taste and desire.

Double Curtains

Commonly, a patterned or textured sheer fabric is selected to go over the top and coupled with a plain coloured block out fabric. This creates a sense of style, personality as well as calmness within the room. The block out fabric is for functionality purposes only. The sheer is for aesthetics and character. Having a beautiful sheer with colour, texture and pattern hanging softly over a solid coloured block out creates a contrast of elegance and functionality. This styling is current and minimalistic.

Motorised Curtains

With elegance comes simplicity. Opting to have your curtains motorised adds another level of Luxury to your home. You can have your curtains motorised and operating with just a remote or you can choose to connect our smart motor technology to your favorite smart assistant. Whether it be Alexa or Google, both connect to the app making integrating your blind automation seamless into your home.

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Curtain Opening Styles

You can choose to have your curtains stack 4 different ways. Stacking to the left and similarly to the right. This can be very handy in those angled positions and smaller openings throughout classic and architecturally designed homes. This option can also help to create a centre opening look in corners. 

You also have the option of classic centre opening; centre opening is a beautiful and simplistic solution to curtain design. 

Another option available is the “floating” or “free moving” curtain, meaning your fabric is not limited by stoppers and can move freely back and forth along the track.

 Designers and interior decorators have began styling curtains with other window fashions including shutters and rollers. This is a design technique used to soften the room, add layers and functionality to your home. People are opting for this option more and more now as it adds a sense of luxury to your home.

Curtain Tracks

Milan Single Track

The Milan single track as the name would assume is for your single sheer curtain designs or your single blockout curtain designs.

This track is compatible with Left/Right stacking, free flowing and centre opening curtains.

Also, it is important to remember your curtain stack width is 1/3 of the track length.

The Milan track is available in colours – White, Silver and Black.

Milan Double Track

The double Milan track, as the name suggests, is for your double curtains which are usually styled, block out fabric on the back and sheer fabric on the front. However, there is no limitation on style, therefore you change it up and customise your curtains to create whatever look you desire. 

The double Milan track is also compatible with all stacking options.

Both the block out and sheer will have a stack width of 1/3 of the track length on the front and back.

The double Milan track is available in colours – White, Silver and Black.