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Motorised Curtains
Gold Coast

Motorised Curtains are a great way to turn a classic window dressing into a modern luxurious home application.

Often motorised Curtains are utilised in living areas, main bedrooms and those hard to reach places where a pull stick isn’t always ideal. Especially for those beautiful tall ceiling to floor drapes. We can program the Curtains to work individually or in groups to suit almost every request to make operation even easier. 

Motorised curtains can be used on bent or manipulated tracks. I.e Hospital curtains. We can have tracks bent at a rounded 90 degrees for corners and the motorisation is not affected. 

You can also have the very popular double curtain (Sheer and Blockout) upgraded to be motorised.

Below we will cover some specifications on both the battery-operated tube motors and also the hard-wired AC tube motors.


Battery Curtain Motor

Curtain Motor

Our motorised curtain motor is equip to carry up to 100kgs of curtain fabric. The li-Ion battery within the motor you will get on average 6-12 months worth of open/closes depending on how often you use your Curtains. 

The Curtain motors can be initiated by tugging slightly in the open or close direction and the curtains will then begin to open/close. This is an excellent convenient feature and means that you do not always have to use the remote to operate your blinds.