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Suncreen Roller Blinds Gold Coast

Sunscreen roller blinds are the perfect solution for all end uses, whether it be for a cost-effective renovation, or a sleek and sophisticated finish for an upmarket unit. They suit every type of interior as they blend equally well with modern and classic finishes. The durable and easy to clean mesh also makes them suitable for use in wet areas.
Another wonderful feature of our sunscreen fabric is that it does not make your home living spaces a dark dungeon – it still lets in the natural light while filtering out the harmful UV rays that destroy your carpet and furniture.
At Gold Coast Blinds and Shutters, we only use the best quality screen fabric. This means you’ll have a higher clarity when looking out and your view won’t be distorted like the cheaper alternatives on the market.
For Gold Coast living, this is a great feature, as it still allows an unobstructed view, without loss of privacy. During daylight, you can still see out without being seen from the outside (and the nosy neighbours won’t see you binging on Netflix!) Apart from this, your TV will be easier to view as that annoying glare will be cut out significantly.
Sunscreen blinds not only cool down the interior, but in those unbearably hot and humid days, they make for more energy efficient use of air conditioning.
sunscreen roller blinds

Why Buy Sunscreen Roller Blinds?

The Sunscreen Blind Fabric

Our sunscreen fabric range enables a statement impact or a subtle neutral scheme, so whatever your style choice, our blinds will complement your existing decor.

Our fabric has an openness of 3-5%, which describes the tightness of the weave. Generally, openness ranges from 10% – 1%, so our fabric is considered a good all-rounder with regards to your view and the sun blocking performance.

Some cheaper fabrics on the market are a 2 x 1, which will distort your vision when looking through the blinds. We only use a 2 x 2 weave. This means 2 stands of PVC run vertically and another 2 run horizontally – creating a uniform weave and clear, undistorted view.

All our sunscreen fabrics are manufactured using plant-based plasticizers (An additive to make PVC soft and flexible) opposed to using fossil fuels. Not only does this provide a sustainable and green alternative to traditional sunscreen fabrics, but your rooms won’t be filled with a chemically PVC smell.

sunscreen roller blind fabric

Sunscreen Roller Blind Options

For bedroom privacy at night, the sunscreen roller blind fabrics do not offer the same level of privacy as a complete blockout roller blind fabric. We’ve got you covered by offering double roller blinds, where you have the advantages of the sunscreen blind during the day, and the blockout at night.

Choose the operating system from a range of colours – white, cream, black or grey. There is also a choice of style and colour of bottom rail and everything from a standard chain drive to linked and dual roller blinds. Wait, there is even more (no, not a free trip to Tasmania!). There is also the option of motorised technology linked to your smartphone. If there is no power point, there is even a battery-operated roller blind!

Buy sunscreen roller blinds at Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters

Whatever your requirement when it comes to indoor blinds, our professional team can assist. Whether it be the most basic style of roller blinds or the most sophisticated double roller blinds, Gold Coast Blinds and Shutters can provide a solution for your home. Get in touch to book your complimentary measure and quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you see through sunscreen blinds?

Sunscreen blinds are a great solution when you want privacy. You can’t see into the room from the outside, but you can still see through them when you are inside looking out.

Do sunscreen blinds reduce heat?

On hot days, sunscreen blinds are ideal for keeping your rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. This is just one of the reasons why indoor sunscreen blinds are so popular.

How do you install sunscreen blinds?

There are two types of installation for sunscreen roller blinds: face fit or recess fit. All our high quality blinds are easy to install DIY models.