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Automatic Blinds in Gold Coast

Take your home to the next level with indoor automatic blinds. Using a combination of cutting-edge technology and an easy-to-use system, it’s never been easier to control the amount of light in your space with just a simple voice command or remote control. 

Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters is qualified to install home automation blinds for your bedroom, living room area and other rooms. Check out our range of smart roller blinds and experience comfort and convenience.

Why choose automatic blinds?

If you’re looking for convenience as well as comfort, smart blinds are the better choice. You’ll no longer need to exert energy in order to open or close your blinds. With just a click of a remote, you can control how much sunlight you let in. Not only that, but you can allocate a time when you want to lower or raise your blinds – automatically.

Furthermore, automatic blinds can add value to your home, as well as providing you with privacy, security and efficiency. Now, you can reduce the sun’s glare without even leaving your couch.

Contact Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters today

Our experienced team has over 50+ years of combined experience and are eager to provide exceptional advice and quality installation of indoor blinds to Gold Coast customers. As all our automatic blinds are custom made, your product can be colour-matched to provide a consistent and structured look. Contact us today at Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters to transform your rooms with our smart home blinds.

We also specialise in automatic roller blinds, outdoor blinds, automatic outdoor blinds, Alexa activated blinds and Google smart blinds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s possible to transform any existing blinds into smart blinds. Naturally, this will depend on the brand, age, and condition of the blinds. We can help you turn your blinds into a fully functional, one-touch system that can be controlled via a remote or voice recognition – simply call us today.

The cost of installing your automatic smart blinds will vary depending on the number of windows you wish to cover. You’ll also need to consider the cost of applying smart blinds on bay windows compared to flat or bow windows due to the size and shape. Contact us today for a custom quote.

Provided you follow the care instructions, your smart blinds will work as-new for many years. Our skilled installation team only uses the best quality materials to ensure your smart blinds will stand the test of time. We have also partnered with the best suppliers from around the world, which is why we’re confident in providing a 5 year extended warranty.

Popular Smart Home Setups

Google Home Smart Blinds

Google Home

Our motorised system connects natively with Google Home.

This means you can control your blinds from inside the Google Home App along with all your other devices !

Google Assistant can be also be used for voice control.

"Hey Google, shut the blinds!"

Apple Home Kit Smart Blinds

Apple HomeKit

Our motorised system can be made to work natively with Apple HomeKit.

When requested Siri can be used to control your blinds from a range of Apple devices.

Amazon Alexa Samrt Blinds

Amazon Alexa

Our motorised system works natively with Amazon Alexa

Control 4 smart blinds

Home Automation Systems

Our range of motors can be seamlessly integrated with most, major third party home automation systems.

How does it work?

Introducing the Smart Bridge...

This little box acts just like a handheld remote, telling the blinds to go up or down..

However, because it’s smart… it also connects to your home’s Wi-Fi so that it can communicate with an App on your phone or tablet. 

One of these “Smart Bridges” can control up to 20 blinds. 

The brains of your smart blinds

Smart Blinds

The Connector App

Smart Home Blinds and Awnings

The Connector App is a free download from the Apple App or Google Play stores and is super simple to install on your phone or tablet. 

Once downloaded, you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your motorised blinds, curtains or outdoor awnings. 

The App allows you to organise all your automated products by room, making them easy control from anywhere without thumbling about with a remote for each room.  

Another great Connector feature is the ability to create scenes such as ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Sleep’, which seamlessly pair your chosen ambience with your daily routine. 


Smart Home Blinds App