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Panel Blinds Gold Coast

What are panel glide blinds and where are they best suited for use?

They are a series of panels suspended from a white or silver aluminium track, which can hold from 3 up to 12 panels. The track has 3-6 channels and can be attached to the ceiling or to the wall.

The panel blinds can vary in width from 600-900mm and they overlap, thus giving complete privacy when closed. There is the option to slide the panel glide blinds from the left or right sides or to open them from the centre. This makes them especially versatile.

Panel Glide Blinds Suitability

They are the ideal solution for large sliding doors – simply hold the wand and slide the panels in the same direction as the sliding door. When sliding the panels in the required direction, each panel catches the next panel and they stack neatly behind one another, thus maximising the view perfect for accessing the outdoor entertainment area, deck or courtyard.

They are a much better solution than roller blinds in this situation, as you would have pull the roller blinds up and down each time you wish to go out the door – simply not workable.

They are a modern twist on the traditional vertical blinds. Panel track blinds are also well suited for French doors, bifold doors, wide windows or for use as a room divide. Panel blinds are suitable for both commercial and domestic environments.

Panel Track Blind Fabric Options – Something for Every Gold Coast Home

Another great feature of panel glide blinds is that the fabric chosen can be made from the same translucent, blockout or sunscreen fabric that matches your roller blinds. This creates a totally coordinated and modern look interior for your Gold Coast home.

They are all made to your exact specifications and have all of the same energy efficiencies as your other blinds. Individual panel blinds can be easily removed or replaced. No need to replace the whole lot if your new puppy decides to have a little chew!!

Speak to the Experts

Get in touch with us if you’re looking to buy panel track blinds for your Gold Coast property. We have a range of affordable options available for sale that look beautiful in every way. Our team can also help if you’re after indoor blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds or PVC Venetian blinds. Got a question? Reach out today and we’ll happily provide further information.

Panel Blinds

Frequently Asked Questions

How do panel blinds work?

Panel blinds are mounted to the wall or ceiling, and are made of large fabric panels that slide back and forth on a track. They are ideal for covering sliding glass doors, patio doors and large windows. Installing panel blinds can add great value to your home and make it more comfortable to live in.

How do you install panel blinds?

A professional can easily install panel track blinds in your Gold Coast home. They will use stainless steel screws (for better rust protection) in coastal locations. Most importantly, they will leave you with something that looks truly wonderful. As all our blinds are custom made, they will fit your doors and windows perfectly. This helps provide a seamless look with your interior style.

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