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SaferMate Window Security Screens

Our SaferMate window security screens are custom made, which means that we can fit them to any size window. They are fire-rated, cyclone rated and made of marine grade perforated aluminium. SaferMate window security screens have been conveniently priced to be affordable. Safety is paramount even on a budget. 

Having SaferMate on your windows throughout your family home will give you protection against unwanted pests and insects and peace of mind knowing you have sturdy window mesh screens to keep your family safe.

Security Testing

Australian Standard AS5039-2008

and AS5041-2003

Knife Shear Test

Australian Standard AS5039-2008

and AS5041-2003

Fire Rated

tested and meets requirements

Cyclone Rated

tested and meets requirements

Our window security screens are the perfect complement to security screen doors. Not only do we specialise in custom made window mesh screens, but they’re designed to your exact requirements and matched to your home’s interior and exterior colour.

SaferMate perforated aluminium

SaferMate perforated aluminium screens are black. As seen in the picture. The aluminium is alloyed marine grade meaning it will withstand both water and salt corrosion. 

SaferMate is installed instead of your standard ‘Flyscreens’. By installing SaferMate window security screens you give yourself bug and break-and-enter protection. 

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Window configurations

SaferMate is a versatile product that can be installed to any type of window. You do not have to compromise your safety due to your window type. SaferMate is strong, stylish and affordable. We can fit to new homes and also retrofit to your current home if you’re upgrading.


Our SaferMate window security screens are priced for everyone. We believe in safety for everyone in their own homes which is why we have ensured our product is at a great price. You should never have to compromise on safety. Get in touch with our team to book in your measure and quote today. 


High quality security screens for windows

We don’t compromise on the quality of our products, and neither should you when it comes to security fly screen windows.

Strong, stylish and affordable, SaferMate can be installed to any type of window (hinged, double hinged, sliding or fixed), and we can install to your new home or retrofit your current home. With a 100+ degree angle of view, you’ll be able to enjoy everything the Gold Coast has to offer without worrying about obstruction of sight. Most importantly, we come to you. So, book a free measure and quote today.

Did you know we also offer security screens for sliding doors?

Frequently Asked Questions

SaferMate Window Security Screens are metal screens that are installed over windows to increase their security. They are designed to prevent intruders from entering through the window, while still allowing air and light to pass through.

SaferMate Window Security Screens work by creating a physical barrier between the window and potential intruders. The screens are made from high-strength steel and are designed to withstand significant force, making it very difficult for someone to break through.

The benefits of using SaferMate Window Security Screens include increased security for your home or business, improved privacy, and better ventilation. The screens can also help to reduce energy costs by allowing natural light and air to circulate more effectively.

The cost of SaferMate Window Security Screens depends on the size and number of windows you need to cover, as well as the level of security you require. However, they are generally considered to be a cost-effective way to increase the security of your home or business. Talk to the team at Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters for a FREE measure and quote on your security window screens on the Gold Coast.

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