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Motorised Roller Blinds
Gold Coast

Motorised blinds are becoming more popular as we rely more on technology. With easy application, a slimline fit they will give any home a feel of modern luxury.

Often motorised blinds are utilised in living areas, main bedrooms and those hard to reach places where a chain many not be a suitable operation option. We can program the blinds to work individually or in groups to suit almost every request to make operation even easier.

Below we will cover some specifications on both the battery-operated tube motors and also the hard-wired AC tube motors.

motorised blinds


25mm Battery Motor

Our range of battery motors use the latest Li-Ion battery technology which will last more than 6 months on a single charge. When removing the need for a power cable any previous complications associated with motorised projects seem to fade away. No longer will you need to worry if power is easily accessible, if holes need to be drilled to conceal cabling or how much the electrician will cost.

We recommend battery motors for a light reno job or a bit of added luxury during a home facelift.

You can also use a power pack to plug in your micro usb to save running cords to charge your blinds. 


35mm Battery Motor


Same as the 25mm motor with slightly more power for some larger width blinds. Still no need for any wiring and will last more than 6 months as well. 

The 35mm battery operated motor is ideal for blinds with larger widths and linked blinds so that you do not lose functionality and the motor will not struggle with the extra weight. 

You can also use a power pack to charge the 35mm battery motor. Any power pack that you can plug a standard USB-A to Micro USB cord into, if you’ve got a phone power pack lying around at home, these are a great option.

Hard Wired AC Motor


The hardwired AC motor is ideal for large renovation projects or new homes. For an experienced electrician we can provide the Molex cables to be wired in place prior to the completion of the blinds to ensure a smooth installation. 

We have partnered with an experienced electrician meaning we can take provide a turn-key solution and take the fuss out of you searching/scheduling in trades. We can provide this service for a small cost.

As these motors are hard wired there is no need for charging and you will get infinite use from the motor.