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Shutters Products - Buyers Guide

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Our product

All our shutters are custom made to your precise specifications. Your new shutters will be manufactured at our Gold Coast factory, assembled, and installed by our qualified staff to ensure a perfect fit.


Our Polymate shutters are made from PVC which is aluminium strengthened. PVC is a sturdy, strong and waterproof product – ideal for throughout your home including wet locations like bathroom and kitchens (however not suitable for outdoor use). The aluminium core supplies toughness and also helps to stops bowing of the shutter blades. The sturdiness of PVC can be a real advantage if you have kids or pets.

PVC Shutter blade aluminium core


For our Australian Made  ‘PolyMate’ Shutters we use the ‘whitest’ of white, which is called ‘Snow White’.

We also offer slightly creamier options for our Basics range in an Off White and Classic White.



– Our shutter blades are all 89mm in width, which is the most popular for modern shutters.

– Hidden tilt-rods allow an unobstructed view with your shutters
Clear View Tilting
If you get numerous panels and they close into each other, your shutters are made with a ‘D mould’ on either the right-hand panel or left-hand panel depending on your the way your window opens. A D-Mould is a trimming piece in the shape of a ‘D’ which covers the gap between two shutter panels and helps to create a neat finish whilst also preventing light from filtering into the room.
D Mould 1
D Mould 2

All our Polymate PVC Shutters are supplied with a frame which help to create a seamless install and adapt to many window design scenarios – we offer 3 different designs of framework. If your shutters can be installed inside your window frame (preferred method), you can select between a “Z frame” or a “Reveal L Frame”. If your window has limited depth or large obstructions, then your shutters will be mounted outside your window frame and will feature our Face Fit L-Frame.

Inside Mount Frames

PVC Shutter Z Frame
Z Frame
PVC Shutter Reveal Fit L Frame
Reveal L Frame

Outside Mount Frames

PVC Shutter Face FIt Frame
Face Fit - L Frame