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How to Remove Roller Blinds

Karma Blockout Roller Blind Fabrics

Time to renovate your furnishings? You can instantly change the appearance of an entire room by removing outdated roller blinds and replacing them with a fresher set. But how do you take down your roller blinds like a pro, without making a mess of the entire project?

At Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters, we’ll tell you how to remove standard roller blinds in 5 easy steps – no crowbar in sight. Here’s what you need to do to complete the task:

  • Roll the blind all the way up

Use the chain lever to roll the blind all the way to the top. This makes it easier to handle and store once you have removed it. If your blinds are broken and won’t roll up, you’ll have to manually spin the blind spool counter-clockwise until it’s completely up.

  • Remove the pulley system screws

Locate the pulley system on the bottom right-hand side of the blinds (or left-hand side, depending on your roller blinds). Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws. Do the same for the connecting piece at the top.

  • Pry the cassette off the brackets

Carefully wedge the flat end of the screwdriver into the space between the cassette and the bracket at the top. Jiggle the screwdriver around to increase the gap until the cassette snaps from the bracket. Do this on each side before removing the cassette.

  • Unscrew the screws from each bracket

With the screwdriver, remove each screw on all the brackets. Then, remove the brackets from the wall.

  • Fill the leftover holes

This is the final step, where you’ll have to fill in the holes in the wall to leave a smooth, clean wall. Insert a dab of Polyfilla paste into the small holes, and use a putty knife to scrape away excess paste. Let it dry for about two hours. Then, lightly sandpaper the area.

Redecorate your living space with Gold Coast Blind & Shutters

Are you ready to transform your home? Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters offers a complete range of roller blinds to suit the style of each room. Find everything from sunscreen roller blinds to blockout roller blinds right here, made in Australia. Your home will never look so chic.

Shop for your next roller blinds and contact Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters today on (07) 5574 4788 for professional advice. We can even suggest how to clean roller blinds. Offering free measures and quotes, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your furnishings.

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