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Choosing the right type of window coverings for your home

Choosing the right window coverings

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing window coverings or get new ones altogether, it can be challenging to choose the window coverings that are right for you. Especially considering there are many options to choose from. Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to choose window coverings for your specific needs.

Types of window coverings on offer

Among the many types of window coverings on offer, blinds, shutters and curtains remain the more popular choices. While all of these provide the same core functionality, each variant is designed to serve different needs. 

How to choose window coverings: blinds

While the blinds themselves will have a predefined opacity, their slides can be adjusted to control the flow of light. Blinds are also easy to clean, oftentimes only requiring a cloth or a duster.   

However, blinds come with the risk of getting damaged over time, especially with plastic and aluminium build. But nothing a high-quality build can’t fix.  

Roller blinds

This is the popular choice when it comes to window coverings. Roller blinds are cost-effective, flexible and easy to install. You can also customise them in a range of ways, including the types of material used and the brackets. Here at Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters, our roller blinds are designed to cater to the ideal Australian setting.  

Vertical blinds

This is ideal when you want to experience the highest level of privacy without having to block natural light entirely. Vertical blinds allow you to redirect sunlight to help prevent any possible sun damage on your furniture.

These are a great option for sliding doors as they can be made in long lengths and operate by mimicking the doors’ movements. Its cost-effectiveness and low maintenance mean vertical blinds make for an ideal rental choice as well.

You can also pair vertical blinds with other window coverings like roller blinds through matching fabrics. Think, a roller blind on the windows and a matching vertical blind on the sliding door. 

Panel blinds

These are a series of suspended panels that are usually attached to the ceiling or to the wall. Panel blinds work best for large sliding doors including french doors, bifold doors and wide doors, to name a few.  

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are another viable option for those looking for privacy. The added benefit of these blinds is that you won’t have to sacrifice the existing outlook or natural light. Here at Gold Coast, you can choose from PVC and Cedar Venetian blinds variants.

How to choose window coverings: shutters

Shutters are also another popular window covering option. With a minimalist and a modern look, these are built to last regardless of the setting. 

These are typically easy to maintain and offer more temperature control compared to alternatives like blinds. These designs also provide more control over light and privacy; although shutters don’t block out light completely.

Apart from the above, some shutters might be challenging to set up on your own, so professional help is always recommended.  

PVC shutters

If you’re on the lookout for affordable yet durable and easy to maintain shutters, PVC is a popular choice among many users. 

Timber shutters

Timber shutters offer wider panels compared to PVC. This means your shutters will give off a cleaner and natural look along with more customisation options as per your requirements. 

Outdoor shutters

Shutters also come in outdoor variations. You’ll find variations tailor-made for verandahs, patios, high rise balconies and others. Gold Coast’s Aluminium outdoor shutters are designed to fit into many of these outdoor settings. 

How to choose window coverings: curtains

Curtains provide a number of design choices for every interior. You could go for a curtain that can completely block out light and add much-needed warmth during the colder season, or you could go the opposite route. 

One of the best aspects of curtains is the increased safety due to the lack of a pull cord. This is particularly important if you’re in a household with children and pets.

Many curtains will tend to overlap the edge of your window. This means that measurements won’t need to be as precise as blinds or shutters. 

However, the added fabric would mean that you’re likely to catch more dust and stains. This is more apparent in kitchen and bathroom settings. Furthermore, unlike shutters and blinds, curtains can potentially make your room look smaller. But this largely depends on the look and style you want to implement in your home.    

Double curtains

Why go for a single curtain when you can double up curtains? These give you a range of versatile options for your home setting. Not sure how to go about it? We can help.

Sheer curtains

Want to add a touch of luxury to your home without breaking the bank? Sheer curtains are the ideal option. These are designed to give your home a more spacious feel while softening rooms with a modern outlook.  

Blockout curtains

These curtains are perfect for those looking for a means of blocking out harsh lighting while ensuring privacy is retained. 

Motorised curtains

Give your home a modern touch with motorised curtains. These work well for rooms with hard to reach places and where pull sticks aren’t always ideal. Motorised curtains add more functionality to your classic curtains while ensuring better control. 

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