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Solar Filter screen fabric is loosely woven in a basket weave pattern. This allows a room to be shaded & protected from the sun while maintaining a view through the fabric.

During the day, you will be able to see out through the fabric, while maintaining privacy from outside. (At night this is reversed and outside may be able to see in. Consider using a screen fabric as part of a double roller blind to maintain nighttime privacy.)

Colour Variances

Colour variances may occur between fabric batches. Please be mindful that exact matches may not be possible. Batches are tested by suppliers to ensure they are within industry standards. 

Special Care

Fabrics should only be cleaned with a duster or soft lint free cloth; this will remove surface dust. Never use abrasive products or solvents/industrial based cleaners.

Seek professional cleaning if required.


Solar Filter fabrics are suitable for Panel Blinds and Roller Blinds