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Motorised Plantation Shutters

Are you searching for top-quality and affordable motorised plantation shutters for your home on the Gold Coast? Experience the convenience, safety, and energy efficiency of automatic plantation shutters from Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters.


Motorised plantation shutters are cleverly designed to give homeowners ultimate control over their windows. These shutters come with automated mechanisms that can be effortlessly controlled via remote or even integrated into a smart home system. With just a click of a button, you can easily adjust the shutters’ louvres to control light, privacy, and air circulation. This level of convenience is perfect for hard-to-reach windows or for those who wish to streamline their home’s overall functionality.

90mm PVC Shutter Panels

Why Invest in Automatic Plantation Shutters?

By choosing motorised shutters, you can say goodbye to traditional hand-powered cords or awkward pulleys. Instead, you’ll enjoy the enhanced comfort of opening and closing your shutters with the simple push of a button. The motor operates at a consistent speed, ensuring smooth and steady movements, eliminating the inconsistent and jerky motions often experienced with manual systems.

Our motorised plantation shutters can also help save energy with their outstanding insulation properties, contributing to a cosy atmosphere within your home and potentially lowering energy costs. During hot days, lowering the shutters can keep the heat out, while in winter, they can prevent cold air from infiltrating your home. This combination of improved convenience, energy savings, and elegant design makes motorised shutters ideal for any homeowner.

To fully appreciate the benefits of motorised plantation shutters, reach out to our Gold Coast Shutter & Blinds team for a free consultation and quote. We can help you understand how motorised shutters can transform your home’s atmosphere, functionality, and energy efficiency, making them the perfect addition to your living space.

Find Quality Automated Window Shutters with Gold Coast Shutters & Blinds 

Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters pride itself on delivering exceptional motorised plantation shutters services, ensuring each customer receives a tailored solution to their needs. Our team of friendly and skilled professionals work closely with clients, offering expert advice and guidance throughout the entire process. From the initial consultation to the final installation, Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters is committed to providing unparalleled customer satisfaction.

By choosing Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters for your motorised plantation shutters installation, you can rest assured that you are in capable and caring hands. With a commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters has earned its reputation as a leading provider of motorised window treatment solutions in the Gold Coast area. Find a tailored solution for your home with our range of indoor, outdoor and motorised shutters and blinds, such as our popular Ziptrak® motorised blinds today. 

PVC Shutter Panel

Why PVC for Plantation Shutters?Why PVC?

Great Price

Since PVC is a synthetic extruded product, it's far more cost effective to produce than natural timber.

Moisture Resistant

Being synthetic, PVC is perfect for laundries and bathrooms.

Versatile Installation Options

There's a huge range of different shapes and profiles for PVC Plantation Shutters, which help when fitting your shutter in a difficult installation.

PVC Shutter Frame Options

A major difference between PVC and more traditional timber shutters is the use of an additional frame. With PVC Plantation shutters a frame is actually built inside your window to attach the shutter panels. The biggest advantage of having this frame is that it allows the installer to adjust your shutter if your window is not perfectly ‘square’. The two most popular frame designs are the Z-Frame and the L-Frame. 

Z Frame from PVC Shutter

Z Frame

The Z Frame features a single radius, like a bullnose architrave, which provides a simple design that won't age. The benefit of the Z Frame is that the "Z" return will can easily mask windows that are not square.

L Frame Shutter from PVC Shutter

L Frame

If the Z Frame will not suit your desired style the L Frame is another popular choice. Again the frame can be used to help square your window to ensure your shutters look their best.

PVC Shutter blade aluminium core

Aluminium Core


PVC is much heavier than timber, therefore for large shutter panels the aluminium core helps prevent the shutter from sagging.

Aluminium Core Frames

In addition to the shutter blades, the stiles also feature an aluminium core. This helps to reduce weight and increase overall strength of the panel.