Outdoor Blinds Gold Coast

A perfect solution for exterior window coverings and ideal for the Patio/Verandah

Massive Range of Colours

These blinds come in a huge range of colours.

Total Blockout & Sunscreen

Allowing you to see out while still reducing the glare & heat.

Energy Savings

Reduced greenhouse emissions through thermal insulation.

Quality Outdoor Blinds & Awnings


A perfect solution for exterior window coverings and ideal for the Patio/Verandah area where you are wanting protection from the elements and privacy from the outside world.  These outdoor Blinds will help to insulate your home from the weather but also reduces the glare on a hot day.  These Outdoor Roller Blinds and Awnings come in a massive range of colours for Canvas, Mesh & PVC.


Patio Blinds

For privacy whilst protecting your outdoor area from the sun, wind and rain.


Channel Guide Awnings

A robust blind that is the perfect solution for privacy whilst protecting your outdoor area from the sun, wind and rain. The channels and brackets are powder coated to any standard colour to suit your decor and give a sleek minimal .effect. The bottom rail locks off in the side tracks eliminating straps and clips. Heavy duty springs ensures fabric tension. Suits mesh or blackout acrylic canvas.


Gear Operated BCS Track Awning

Gear Operated Track guide outdoor blinds can be used for larger spans giving stability with easy operation using a crank handle or motorisation or wire guides. Suits mesh, blackout acrylic or PVC.


Zip Track Awnings

Ziptrak® Awnings are the latest release to replace the traditional PVC zipped blinds. The fabric on · Ziptrak blinds is restrained in aluminium side channels stopping at any point. Therefore creating a totaI weather seaI.


Automatic Roll-up Awning

A robust awning to protect windows from heat and glare. It can be pulled up and down to stop at any given point, and retract back up into a weather box. This awning is available with colour co-ordinated weather box, bottom rail and arms. Cloth and roller are fixed within the weather box.

Fabric Care for Outdoor Blinds

Store, pack or roll up only when clean and dry. To remove dirt, brush dry fabric with soft brush (occasional hosing may remove dust and some ingrained dirt).

Never scrub the fabric.

Immediately remove deposits of organic matter such as soil, grass cuttings, leaf litter, bird droppings, vehicle exhaust, pollutants, etc.

Tips for Longer Life of Fabric …

Awnings should be used fully extended.  Periodically adjust awnings to their fullest extension if they have been used partly retracted for any length of time.

Only roll up your awnings when clean and dry.

Always roll up your awnings in high winds and storms – the leverage exerted can strain fittings and mountings.

Keep your awnings clean!  Do not mow lawns or clean gutters, etc. near awnings when they are extended.

Occasionally rejuvenate your awnings!  Exposure to the elements and excessive cleaning may affect waterproofing and appearance of awning fabrics.  Additional proofing finishes may help maintain the look.  Only ever use one type of proofing agent on an awning.  Fluoro-chemicals like ScotchGuard fabric protector may be used on all fabrics.