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Widescreen Cable Guide External Blinds

Large Outdoor Blinds Gold Coast - Cable Guided

Need a wide outdoor blind? Our Widescreen Cable Guide external blind system is perfect for shading large areas.

The well designed system can span a massive 6.5m in width and up to 4.0m in height.

It’s also available in a Track Guided version – click here.

The widescreen cable guide system features stylish brackets and a slimline bottom rail with compact fittings.

A unique magnet system in the bottom rail secures the blind in the down position. This helps to prevent any noise or unnecessary wear on components that can be caused by movement from wind.

Below options should help to give you an idea of what we can do. Don’t worry, one of our professional staff can help recommend the right solution for your new outdoor living space. Just head over to the ‘book a quote’ page and secure a time slot to get your free consultation.

Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters can also help with outdoor blinds, outdoor roller blinds and Ziptrak blinds.

Large Span Outdoor Blinds

Choose Fabric for Your Widescreen

Outdoor Blinds Sunscreen Fabric


Our Sunscreen fabric is ideal for Widescreen Outdoor Blinds. It's perfect for reducing both the sun's glare and cutting out heat. Also, It will give you privacy during the day without sacrificing your view

We have a wide range of colours to choose from , many are colour co-ordinated to popular colorbond® colours.

Our sunscreen fabric is available in two weaves, a 95% or a 99% Privacy version.

Outdoor Blinds Clear PVC Fabric

Clear or Tint PVC

Bistro Blinds never looked so good!

Choosing Clear or Tinted PVC for your widescreen is great for keeping warm in the winter or simply just protecting your furniture from the elements. Although completely see through, our PVC does still stop 93% of the Suns UV rays.

All our PVC is manufactured by Achilles Corp in Japan, they're famous for their quality.

Outdoor Blinds Blockout Fabric

Acrylic Fabric

If you'd prefer a fabric that provides complete privacy and slightly diffuses natural light, then our Dickson Acrylic maybe the right choice.

Dickson fabrics feature a unique coating which makes it water resistant and helps to protect itself from pollution, stains, sun damage and mold.

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Function and Form

The stainless steel fixing brackets are strong and suit a wide range of installation styles. The modular design allows the brackets to be installed between posts or onto a wall or ceiling. All the accessories are mounted from inside the bracket, which is perfect for both future maintenance or installation  where multiple blinds are installed next to each other. The Widescreen brackets also have a levelling feature. This allows the fabrics level to be finely tuned using an adjustment screw, which is crucial in completing a professional installation.

Widescreen brackets are supplied in a stainless steel finish,  while the aluminium bottom rail is custom powder coated to your requirement, you can take a look at some of  the colours by clicking here.

Operated by Smart Motors

Smart Home Motorisation

Smart Home Blinds and Awnings

Simple control of your outdoor blinds using your smart phone. 

The Connector  App allows intuitive control of your smart blinds. You can  access and operate your outdoor blinds in any location by a simple click of a button on your iPhone or android device. Some other features of the app include the  ability to set “Scenes” like “Home Time” or “Goodbye” where,  for  example, your blinds  on the deck close when you leave home for the day.

Open Roller or Headbox?

Open roller system

The open roller system helps save on cost if your structure already provides some weather protection for the fabric. 

Aluminium Headbox

For complete weather protection we offer a full aluminium pelmet. This hides and protects both the roller mechanism and fabric.

Magnetic Base Rail

The Widescreen Cable Guided Exterior Blind system has a clever magnetic bottom rail. As you lower the outdoor blind into the down position the magnet engages and firmly holds the blind in position with 12kgs of force. This prevents wearing of components and excess noise that usually occurs in traditional wire guided outdoor blinds. Also, the magnet is spring loaded and acts like a shock absorber when the blind is hit by a gust of wind and helps to keep the fabric nice and taut for nicer styling. 



How wide can outdoor blinds be?

It is recommended that outdoor blinds don’t exceed a width of 6000mm. Outdoor blinds consist of a spring, top tube and a bottom bar. While these are extremely strong, larger blinds can place more pressure on these components. The maximum width is put in place to ensure the best performance and longevity of your outdoor blinds.

How do you secure outdoor blinds?

Not all outdoor spaces are fitted with poles to help secure your outdoor blinds. In this instance, you can have an anchor point installed in the ground. A clip will be attached to the bottom of your blind which clips onto the anchor and lifts with the blind, keeping it taut and secure.

Can you see through outdoor blinds?

Outdoor blinds provide excellent protection not only from the sun, but also from curious eyes. For the most part, you can’t see through outdoor blinds – unless the person or object is right up against it. For maximum privacy, choose an outdoor blind with a tighter weave.