Practical Vertical Blinds Gold Coast

Easy to clean and comes in a large range of colours which is 100% blockout




Gorgeous Designs

They come in a huge range of colours.

Quality, Affordable Blinds

Excellent control of privacy and light

Suitable for home or office

Very easy to maintain and clean

Easy To Clean Vertical Blinds

The vertical blind is a practical solution for any window or Sliding Door.  While allowing the light into the home, the blades can be angled so as nobody can see in.  You can choose to have your Verticals with or without chains along the bottom.  The Fabric used for the Vertical blinds is very easy to clean and comes in a large range of colours which is 100% blockout.


There is also a small selection of Pattern and Light Filter Fabric for the Verticals.

Remove surface dust by regularly dusting with a feather duster or soft cloth. Stains or smudges can be removed with a soft sponge dampened with lukewarm water containing a little neutral soap or mild detergent, (the sponge should be squeezed almost dry).  Small marks can be removed by a light rub with an art gum rubber.  Never use abrasive or solvent based cleaners, and never roll up a blind which is damp.