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Smart Roller Blinds For Your Home

Upgrade the ambience and functionality of your home with Smart Roller Blinds. These intelligent window coverings seamlessly integrate into your interior spaces, offering a modern and sophisticated touch. With their sleek and streamlined design, smart roller blinds enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room, providing a clean and contemporary look.  Experience the convenience and elegance of intelligent living with our exceptional collection of smart roller blinds. Find the perfect roller blind for your home or a smart retractable awning for your outdoor areas with Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters.

High-Quality Smart Home Roller Blinds

Our smart roller blinds offer numerous advantages, making them the ideal choice for modern homes. With wireless connectivity and compatibility with smart home systems, you have effortless control over your blinds using a smartphone, voice command, or home automation. Adjust the blinds to desired positions, create schedules, or even integrate them with other smart devices for a fully automated and personalised experience.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our smart roller blinds not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also provide exceptional functionality. The fabrics used offer varying levels of light filtering and privacy options, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between natural light and desired levels of privacy. Additionally, these blinds offer excellent UV protection, safeguarding your furnishings and interior decor from harmful sun rays.

Energy efficiency is another significant advantage of smart roller blinds. By effectively insulating your windows, these blinds help regulate indoor temperature, reducing heat gain in summer and heat loss during colder months. This energy-saving feature contributes to a more comfortable living environment and can even lower your energy bills.

Discover Smart Roller Blinds For Your Home With Gold Coast & Shutters

Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters is your trusted provider of smart roller blinds, offering a diverse selection to suit various interior styles and preferences. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and assisting you in finding the perfect smart roller blinds for your home.

Experience the convenience, style, and technological sophistication of smart roller blinds in your home. Visit our website today to explore our collection and transform your living spaces with Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters. Embrace the future of window coverings and create a modern home environment that reflects your unique lifestyle and taste.

Choose your Roller Fabric blind


Sunscreen fabric is see-through, which makes it perfect for living rooms with a great view! During the day you'll have both privacy and natural light. However, at night, you may lose some privacy with the light on.

Sunscreen fabric is also ideal when paired with a blockout blind fabric to make double roller blinds.

Light Filter

Light filtering fabrics gently diffuse natural light and provide privacy. They are best used in living spaces where you need natural light, but don't wish to look through the blinds. Windows that are on the side of your home and face your fence or neighbour are perfect examples.

Blockout Roller Sketch

Blockout out blinds

Blockout roller blind fabrics are the most popular. They're available in a wide range of colours and textures. Blockout out blinds are best suited to bedrooms with west-facing windows. However, they can be used throughout the entire home for complete privacy.

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Select your bracket and hardware colour

Choose one of our four standard colours for your roller blind brackets and blind components. Most window frames are white or have white architraves, which makes white the most popular choice. However, it’s possible to match your bracket colour to your fabric selection if you’d prefer.

We also offer the same 4 colours for the bottom  trim on your blind. It’s best to match your fabric as closely as possible. If there’s no obvious match, it’s a good idea to use white, as this typically blends in nicely with your wall colour.

Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters is proud to service the Gold Coast and the local community with quality tailored indoor blinds, retractable awnings, and more. If you would like a free measure and quote, contact us on (07) 5574 4788.

Choose how you control your blind


Our roller blind components feature a patented metal core technology. The metal core mechanisms bring in a new generation of effortless, quiet, and long-lasting components. 

Through the use of specific polymer formulas, we’re able to provide precision components with low tolerances, which significantly reduces resistance. This reduction in friction, combined with our bespoke planetary gear reduction system, means that larger blinds feel light to pull up. 

Smart motorised blinds

Smart Home Motorisation

Simple control of your roller blinds using your smartphone. 

The Connector App allows intuitive control of your smart blinds. You can access and operate your blinds in any room or location with a simple click of a button on your iPhone or Android device. Some other features of the app include the ability to set “Scenes” like “Home Time” or “Goodbye” where, for example, your living room blinds close when you’re ready to leave home for the day.

Pick your bracket style

single roller blind brackets

Single Brackets

Single Brackets for roller blinds come in two varieties; a standard and a heavy duty. They visually look the same, and both feature a sleek cover when mounted to the outside of your window frame or on your architraves. 

Double roller blind brackets

Double Brackets

Double brackets turn your day and night  blinds. By putting a see-through sunscreen and a blockout fabric on your window, you get the best of both worlds. Our slimline bracket neatly stacks the two blinds on top of one another to help avoid the blinds sitting proud of the window frame.

Link roller blind brackets

Link System

Link brackets are great for large spans such as sliding or bi-fold doors. The link bracket is shared between two blinds. It features a ball bearing for quiet operation and helps to  reduce the light gap between two blinds. Roller blinds that have been linked can either be operated from one chain or independently.